About us

We are Italian Citizens and, since years, Seychellois Citizens as well.  Our father, who is now 90 years old, is one of the pioneers who first fell in love with the archipelago and he “infected” us! We work in several sectors. Press, advertising, perfumes, real estate and hotel industry. The first realization we made was the “Takamaka Residence” hotel, which has been operating for 15 years with good success. Ceasing operations in 2007, having become obsolete and no longer suiting to the needs of modern travelers. We built then a small village, in Takamaka again and near its beautiful beach, where the Takamaka Villa is located and operational since November 1, 2014. Suitable for people looking for a familiar place, lovers of peace, good food and good living. Particularly loved by the members of the “Italy – Seychelles Friendship Association” (A.I.A.S.), today “Seychelles – Italy Association” (or S.I.A.). Get to know us. You will find friends forever, who will not disappoint you. Massimiliano, Vittorio and Maurizio